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Why Sever Ties with Oracle Application Support

2. Learn About an Oracle Support Alternative

As a direct replacement of Oracle-provided support, you’ll receive more personalized and responsive Oracle software support from senior problem solvers dedicated to resolving your tickets fast.

3. Understand Why Organizations Switch from Oracle

Most organizations move to third-party support for the immediate “hard” savings on maintenance fees. However, their motivations vary and can often be attributed by one or more scenarios, described below. Does one or more of these circumstances fit your organization?

MigrationWhen an organization migrates from one on-premise environment to another or to the cloud, third-party support helps by maintaining the existing environment until the migration is complete. This assistance saves budget for other initiatives and allows staff to focus on the migration.
Financial ReliefWhen organizations either need short-term cost relief or are in a longer-term state of financial hardship, third-party support is a smart, safe way to positively impact the organization’s financial performance. Companies owned or partially funded by private equity firms face these types of growth and financial pressures.
Sustain & TransformWhen organizations are driven by the desire to transform and move operations to the cloud, third-party support can help by sustaining their stable, functional on-premise applications while they plan and implement their IT roadmap.

4. Calculate Your Potential Savings

Third-party support is a smart, safe way to achieve immediate cost savings and positively impact the organization’s financial performance. Our predictable enterprise support model can reduce your annual support fees by 62%.

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