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Application and repository fixes – refers to the delivery of support for ERP applications and repositories (storage and data management). It’s a different way to describe bug fixes. Configuration support – combines application support with required business process support / industry-best practices. Addresses how to configure your enterprise software to best meet the business needs. Documentation only fixes – a set of detailed instructions designed to fix an application issue as opposed to a fix requiring actual code change or scripts. Installation and upgrade process support – advisory support regarding installations and upgrades. Global tax & regulatory compliance updates – The delivery of thorough, timely, and accurate tax, regulatory, and compliance updates and reports for countries where customers operate. 24 x 7 x 365, follow-the-sun support – Full-time application support delivered by coordinated teams of engineers located in regional operations centers across the world.

Interoperability and other technology advisory – Helping clients simplify decision making and accelerate innovation and cloud migration through our technology support and expert advice on digital transformation. We help clients advance their IT initiatives while lower their overall TCO. ISO 9001:2015 and ISO/IEC 27001:2013-certified – ISO certification requires an investment to achieve and maintain excellent customer support. Spinnaker Support is the only third-party support provider that has achieved ISO 9001:2015 and 27001:2013 certification for support processes.

Full-stack security and vulnerability protection – Spinnaker Support defends against all seven layers of your ERP applications, not just the database. Our approach addresses full stack, mitigates the real risks, and provides easy access to security and vulnerability experts. Lifetime, ”no sunset” support policy – SAP diminishes the level of their support as software ages, often forcing customers to upgrade to newer versions or push them to the cloud. Spinnaker Support will deliver comprehensive, responsive support for a customers’ software for as long as the customer requires.

Applications and technology managed services –  Spinnaker Support is the only third-party support provider offering comprehensive managed services solutions for SAP customers. Spinnaker Support’s Managed Services maintain your infrastructure with rigid controls that enforce your corporate security policies all while improving agility, reducing cost, and reducing risk – so you can redirect your focus toward strategic business initiatives.

Consulting Services – Spinnaker Support delivers a broad range of services that feature bite-sized, cost-effective projects. Depending on the customer needs, our consulting services cover an array of needs including application roadmap planning, proof-of-concepts, staff augmentation, as well as upgrade and cloud migration strategies.

Low-risk profile – Spinnaker Support delivers service the right way, respecting the intellectual property rights of others and avoiding shortcuts that could compromise the legal standing of our clients. Continued annual growth and profitability, demonstrated by a strong balance sheet, allows us to deliver high-quality and uninterrupted support.

Fast support response time – Third-party support guarantees fast response when customers issue high priority tickets. Our customers average <8-minute response. Customized code support – Third-party support vendors provide support for both standard and custom code. Dedicated Account Support Lead – Third-party support providers assign an Account Support Lead (ASL) with an average of 15+ years’ experience to each individual client. Our ASLs become an extension of client’s own internal IT departments and develop long-term relationships.

Customer-specific team of engineers – Spinnaker Support provides each client a named team of engineers based solely on their application and technology stack footprint, geographic reach, industry designation, and business/IT roadmap that fully understands your entire ERP applications.

Archiving performed in-house, not outsourced – Archiving of customer information is a critical aspect of onboarding from software vendor support to third-party support. Spinnaker Support employs full-time archivers who ensure a thorough, timely archive that only downloads what each specific customer is entitled to store. We don’t have to outsource this work due to restrictions.

Low price point model – Spinnaker Support is able to offer clients a more equal alignment of support fees allocated to actual usage of licensed software. If you have licensed products that you never implemented or no longer utilize (shelfware), Spinnaker Support will work with you to rationalize those products from your support contract.

Flexible commercial terms – Third-party support providers offer clients customizable contract terms that fit their needs. Spinnaker Support’s support contracts are designed to fit client determined timelines, product coverage, and bundled service offerings.

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