• Industry: Telecommunications
  • Annual Revenue: $1,251,737,000
  • Employee Count: 3,575
  • Corporate HQ: Rosh HaAyin, Israel


  • Oracle E-Business Suite
  • Oracle Database versions 8, 9, 10, & 11 – 300 separate production databases
  • Modules Supported: Hyperion, WebLogic, Real Application Clusters, Web Center Content, Active Data Guard, Partitioning, Internet Application Server

The Challenge

As a public company that is quoted on the NASDAQ and trades shares on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, economy fluctuations can have potentially positive and negative impacts on Partner Communication’s financials. In 2015, the company announced its break in a ten-year licensing deal with Orange SA and rebranded under their current name, in early 2016. During their transition period, it was imperative to scale back their overall IT spend. With multiple license agreements under Oracle, the maintenance spend continued to drastically increase year over year. Partner Communications was seeking an alternative support strategy that delivered all services required to maintain Oracle applications and supporting technologies at a cost structure more aligned with its product usage. The company was on a stable release of EBS and had no future on-premise upgrade or cloud migration planned in the next five years. With most of Oracle’s investment dollars being directed at cloud subscriptions, for Partner Communications there was little to no value delivered in its EBS implementation or Database platforms to justify the multi-million annual support fees.

We selected Spinnaker Support to provide ongoing support for our entire Oracle application landscape. As the head-to-head evaluation progressed, it became crystal clear that Spinnaker Support is the best choice for Partner Communications Company Ltd. They provide an exceptionally high level of local support at an attractive price point and have quickly evolved into a natural extension of our own internal IT team. They consistently display in-depth Oracle application knowledge as pertains to our unique environment. Raz Bartov, CIO

The Approach

Partner Communications desired to reduce its Oracle software maintenance fees while at the same time significantly improving their level of support through personalized service with ready access to experienced support personnel. The company was seeking a partner with the Oracle competency across multiple Oracle applications, Oracle Database, and surrounding technology stack with a global infrastructure, proven support methods, and strict business practices to mitigate any potentials risks of the desired change, and who would deliver the value they deserve for the dollars spent. Partner Communications required a maintenance provider that had a strong global presence, specifically in Israel.

Spinnaker Support was chosen to support Partner Communications’ Oracle Database and Advanced Technology Stack, first becoming an Oracle Database customer in 2015.

The Solution

Spinnaker Support’s breadth of Oracle support services surpasses all other third-party support alternatives. Our success is derived from our:

  • People – Our software engineers average more than 15 years of Oracle experience. We hire and retain the best support engineers in the world. Spinnaker Support uses a multi-disciplinary team of managers, business analysts, application development, and technology support experts to deliver the highest quality solutions in the industry.
  • Customers – Over 950 active customers, many Fortune 500 companies, rely on our team for maintenance and regulatory updates across the globe.
  • Processes, Systems and Infrastructure – Delivering the maintenance and support services Partner had defined required more than a team of consultants or technical staff delivering hours of work. It required Oracle software and business process experts following proven support processes enabled by a global support infrastructure. Spinnaker Support leverages its perfected support processes and systems to exceed customer requirements and SLA commitments.
  • Financial Strength & Independence – Spinnaker Support is a privately funded company with no debt and no outside investors. We operate with the best interests of our clients in mind. We reinvest our earnings back into the company for resource development, new market development, and infrastructure strengthening. Spinnaker Support is continuously profitable and operates with a sole focus on the only important business stakeholders, our customers and employees.

Delivering a world-class maintenance solution to Partner Communications required global resources and the processes perfected by Spinnaker Support and its highly-skilled and specialized Oracle applications and database engineers that are focused on delivering results.

The Results

Less than one year after transitioning to Spinnaker Support for Oracle Database support, Partner Communications made the decision to move from our largest third-party support competitor to bring all their Oracle application landscape support under one vendor. Today, Spinnaker Support provides maintenance solutions for their Oracle EBS applications, Siebel, Hyperion, Oracle Database, and Middleware technology that is operational for over 4,000 internal users and more than 2.8 million service subscribers. Partner now is recognizing significant cost savings of greater than 60% annually from their Oracle support and additional annual savings compared to the support fees paid to their previous third-party support vendor.