• Industry: Finance – Management of Companies and Enterprises
  • Global Locations: Belgium, Switzerland, Denmark, Norway, Ireland, France, Germany, United Kingdom, China, Brazil, Turkey, South Africa, Sweden, Australia, and United States


  • Advanced Security Data Mining
  • Diagnostic Pack
  • Oracle DB Enterprise Edition Oracle SOA Suite
  • Oracle WebLogic Tuning Management

The Challenge

In 2016, a global leader in loyalty and engagement solutions was in the process of implementing a major IT restructuring project to move away from Oracle hardware and software dependencies. With no further plans to invest in Oracle technology and no requirement to upgrade current in-house IT infrastructure, the company saw little value in the rising cost of their annual Oracle maintenance fees. The company was paying a significant amount in excess of their actual product and license usage. Since the majority of Oracle investment dollars are now directed toward visionary futures in PaaS and IaaS, for the company there was little to no value delivered by Oracle in relation to their significant annual cost of technology maintenance. The company had become increasingly disappointed with the quality of Oracle’s support and were no longer receiving key services, e.g., security patches or tuning configuration assistance, despite paying high support fees.

The Approach

The company was presented with another increase of 5% for their annual maintenance contract with Oracle. They began seeking an alternative support strategy that would deliver the services required to maintain their in-scope database and middleware within a support cost structure that would be commensurate with their product usage. With the support of their implementation business partner, the company began migrating their technology infrastructure away from Oracle dependencies.

They sought to reduce its Oracle software maintenance fees while significantly improving their level of support through personalized service with ready access to experienced support personnel. The company desired a partner with the Oracle competency, global infrastructure, proven support methods, and strict business practices to mitigate any potentials risks of the desired change, one who would deliver the value they deserved for every dollar spent.

The Solution

Spinnaker Support’s expertise and tradition of delivery-excellence in maintenance and support services were leveraged to create an Oracle Database maintenance program configured to the specific and unique process requirements of our customers.

The following solutions were implemented to achieve the desired state:

  • Assigned a senior team of Oracle Database software engineers leveraging proven methods and global infrastructure to deliver exceptional support services for their portfolio of products
  • Established a flexible contract agreement which allows the company and Spinnaker Support to scale maintenance services and fees based upon actual software usage
  • Built a partnership with a stable, financially secure, independent, and flexible organization that is focused on their business needs and satisfaction

Spinnaker Support is a global provider of a comprehensive suite of Oracle support services. Organizations around the world have realized tremendous service benefits and cost savings from Spinnaker Support’s services.

The Results

Spinnaker Support rationalized the company’s spend by eliminating the cost of unused products and provided the company with a cost reduction of 63% – delivering an effective discount near 70% off their total projected three-year Oracle cost (assuming 5% annual price increases from Oracle). The company eliminated the need for constant monitoring and modifying their technology stack to remain under Oracle’s support plan, which also significantly reduced their annual IT spend.

The company continues to progress through its strategic transformation. The savings afforded by Spinnaker Support are helping the company redirect costs to strategic IT projects – so they remain on the leading edge of innovation, and allowing the company to expand their IT infrastructure with advanced technology. Additionally, they are receiving a much-improved level of services until a future date when they will cut ties completely with Oracle.