• Siebel Support
  • Oracle Technologies Support


  • Industry: Engineering – Scientific and Technical Services
  • Annual Revenue: $2,921,896,000
  • Employee Count: 15,000
  • Corporate HQ: Tempe, AZ


  • Siebel Patch Set 10 (IP 2013)
    » Upgrade Complete to IP 2015

    • Application Users – 6200
    • Analytics Users – 1300
  • Hardware – Windows 2012 R2 64 Bit Database – AIX Oracle 11G
  • Modules Supported: Application Administration, Advance Technologies (OBIEE), Siebel Configuration, Siebel Business Functions, Siebel Reporting, Siebel System Administration, and Siebel Data Integration

The Challenge

A large inventor and technology company implemented Siebel as their in-house sales and field services CRM system, which is fully integrated to their customer facing CRM application - Salesforce. Unfortunately, Oracle stopped their future investment in Siebel enhancements and the company was receiving little extended value from their Oracle investment. With multiple license agreements under Oracle, the support spend continued to drastically increase year over year as the support declined. The company was seeking an alternative support strategy that delivered all services required to maintain Oracle applications and supporting technologies at a cost structure more aligned with its product usage. They had also decided to outsource their IT administration and first line support of their implementation to India, which required their support vendor to work effectively with both them and the offshore service provider.

The Approach

The company began investigating third-party support options prior to the end of their annual support contract with Oracle. They quickly realized key distinctions between what the vendor support model had to offer in comparison to that of the personalized support offered by Spinnaker Support. The company sought to reduce its Oracle software and middleware support fees while significantly improving their level of support through personalized service with ready access to experienced global support personnel. The company desired a partner with the Oracle competency, global infrastructure, proven support methods, and strict business practices to mitigate any potentials risks of the desired change, one who would deliver the value they deserved for every dollar spent.

The Solution

As a Fortune 100 company with close to $40B in sales that deliver solutions around the globe to improve the quality of life, chose Spinnaker Support as their Siebel, OBIEE, and Oracle Enterprise Search tool support vendor. The company was also impressed with Spinnaker Support’s Technology Center of Excellence, which is available for support on virtualizations, interoperability, security, and planning future upgrades or cloud migration, which are all part of standard support. They were now receiving support for all their Oracle footprint under one named team of support engineers and developers.

The Siebel customer signed a multi-year agreement with Spinnaker Support in September of 2016; noting the following reasons:

  • Greater responsiveness during the pre-sales period.
  • Lowest price point. Concessions for unused licenses and shelfware. The company received in excess of 60% discount off of Oracle support fees – much more attractive than the competition’s standard 50% discount.
  • They received an assigned Account Support Lead and named team of support engineers with specific expertise mapped to the customer’s unique Oracle environment.
  • A broader set of service offerings, e.g., Oracle managed services and consulting – that could be leveraged in the future if needed.
  • One partner for all their support needs: applications and middleware under one umbrella.

Spinnaker Support delivers unmatched software support services to the global Oracle user community. Organizations around the world have realized tremendous service benefits and cost savings from Spinnaker Support’s services.

The Results

The company is currently running Siebel IP2015, and Spinnaker Support assisted them in their upgrade from IP2013 at the beginning of 2017. Apart from the Siebel application they also run Oracle OBIEE and Oracle Secure Enterprise Search, which is also supported under our standard support contract. Spinnaker Support has continued to expand our long-term partnership by assisting them with key integrations to non-Oracle systems. As an example, Spinnaker Support has remediated interfaces with MuleSoft, Salesforce, and the companies’ own proprietary estimations tool successfully.

The company continues to progress through a digital transformation and has already been able to reallocate support funds for other strategic IT initiatives. The savings afforded by Spinnaker Support are helping them redirect costs to R&D – so they remain on the leading edge of innovation and continue to expand their market reach.