Apr 18, 2019

Business+IT Interview with Spinnaker Support and IBM


An article entitled Innovating IT defense to boost “offense” in the era of digital transformation was published by Business+IT on March 20, 2019 (in Japanese). The interview included: Mathew Stava – CEO at Spinnaker Support Vivek...

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Feb 14, 2019

Oracle and SAP Software Support Doesn’t Have to Leave you Feeling Empty


On February 6, 2019, Vinnie Mirchandani posted an article entitled Software Maintenance “Empty Calories” that immediately caught our attention. Mirchandani is a prolific blogger, book author, and CEO of Deal Architect, ...

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Feb 7, 2019

What All Sourcing and Procurement Professionals Need to Know about Oracle and SAP Third-Party Support 


Happy 2019…or, if you’re a procurement, sourcing, or vendor management professional, maybe not so happy.   Never before has there been so much pressure to identify solution providers that help your company innovate,...

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Sep 26, 2018

Spinnaker Support Manifesto – Support Should be Supportive


Spinnaker Support is celebrating its 10-year anniversary. Back in 2008, we built our company around one simple concept: . As Oracle and SAP have aggressively morphed into lower-touch service,...

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Sep 19, 2018

Will SAP Negotiate Your Company’s Support Fees for 2019?


September 30th is the deadline by which SAP users must notify SAP of their intent to terminate their annual maintenance/support agreement to avoid being auto-renewed for the following year....

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Aug 21, 2018

Counter-Measures for SAP and Oracle “Lock-In”: Third-Party Support, License Compliance Assurance, and Best-of-Breed Cloud


In his recent article entitled Why Software Giants Are Falling, author Robin Fry provides reasons why Oracle and SAP core businesses are under financial pressure....

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Aug 15, 2018

Meet Spinnaker Support’s SAP Leadership Team


SAP software support customers are investigating and adopting third-party support like never before. They are frustrated with the high cost of SAP’s low-touch support model. Self-support doesn’t work; Spinnaker Support champions personalized...

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Aug 7, 2018

Is SAP Too Late to Recapture Market Share in the CRM Space?


Growth in the CRM market space has skyrocketed and is forecasted to continue unrivaled growth for the foreseeable future. This constant growth sees companies like SAP and Oracle losing market share to best-in-breeds like Salesforce....

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Jul 30, 2018

A Rise in Hacker Threats to SAP, Oracle Business Software


Another news piece has surfaced, that highlights the ever-rising threat of cybersecurity attacks, with companies and government agencies exposed to data breaches by hackers. Unlike other articles on the topic,...

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Jul 24, 2018

How Spinnaker Support Liberates SAP Customers to Innovate


It is a common misconception that leaving SAP-provided support and joining a third-party support provider like Spinnaker Support inhibits IT innovation. However, many companies are finding that using a third-party support provider liberates an IT te...

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