Why It’s the Right Time to Sever Ties with Oracle’s Application Support2019-03-04T14:54:27-07:00

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Why It’s the Right Time to Sever Ties with Oracle’s Application Support

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To help facilitate their cloud revenue business objectives, Oracle has modified its approach for delivering on-premise application support. Whereas customers once paid maintenance fees to get more personalized support, in-version product enhancements, and the right to new upgrades, they now pay fees for self-support tools, fewer enhancements, and the right to repurchase cloud-based replacement solutions. Despite Oracle’s de-personalized support environment, many of their customers remain on board, viewing changes through a lens of “business as usual.” Many are still unaware of proven alternatives like third-party support.

For increasingly more Oracle users, third-party support providers are restoring higher quality support, reducing the cost of maintenance fees, and providing a safe haven until cloud solutions/digital innovations become right for them. The significant savings are in many cases funding and accelerating journeys to cloud – or funding business-driven strategies to advance their digital transformation. Ironically, it’s the decreasing value proposition of Oracle’s support model, coupled with Oracle’s zealous push to cloud, that third-party support is so quickly emerging in popularity and adoption.

Topics Outlined in White Paper:

  • Comparing Oracle-Provided Support versus Third-Party Support
  • Roadblocks Set Up by Oracle to Fend off Third-Party Support
  • Third-Party Oracle Support


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