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Spinnaker Support is a leading global provider of third-party SAP Business Suite support. We replace and enhance the support services provided by SAP, reducing maintenance fees by an average of 60+%.

Spinnaker Support currently supports medium to large size enterprises running all versions of SAP Business Suite from R/3 to ECC 6. Our SAP customers operate in more than 100 countries and participate in a wide range of industries. We now support more than 120 SAP products and hundreds of SAP instances.

SAP customers have become increasingly frustrated with software vendor-provided support, identifying several major pain points. Customer service has been downgraded or stripped away yet annual maintenance fees have steadily increased. Self-support tools have replaced people as the primary means for investigating and resolving application issues. When live resources are accessed, their expertise level is much shallower than ever before, and they are often unfamiliar with the customer’s application and technology stack environment.

Spinnaker Support provides an alternative support model that is more responsive, personalized, comprehensive, and lower in total cost of ownership. Highlights include:

  • Response to critical issues in average 8 minutes.
  • 24 x 7 x 365 follow-the-sun support coverage from nine regional support centers.
  • No sunset support policy provides service for specific application versions for as long as needed – eliminates forced upgrades.
  • Dedicated Account Support Lead (ASL) with average 20-years’ experience, managing a customer-specific team of named SAP software engineers.
  • Support includes break-fixes, tax and regulatory updates, general inquiry support, and technology advisory support.
  • Full support for all custom and standard code, integrations, and interfaces.
  • Full technology stack security and vulnerability protection to supplement SAP security patches.
  • Interoperability, virtualization, and cloud migration advisory services.
  • ISO 9001:2015 and ISO/IEC 27001: 2013-certified.

Although many SAP customers want to remain aligned with SAP’s longer-term product vision and roadmap, they find themselves misaligned now. They want to sustain their current on-premise business application footprint and save money until they are ready to re-engage with SAP next-generation solutions. Other SAP customers feel pigeon-holed into the software vendors’ product roadmap and are looking for freedom to choose alternate or hybrid paths of innovation. Spinnaker Support enables either camp to drop SAP’s diminishing and costly self-service model, get great support, reduce maintenance fees to redirect to immediate priorities, and then either migrate to best-of-breed solutions or smooth re-engage to implement SAP cloud offerings.

More services, more value

A rising number of our SAP third-party support customers are utilizing incremental services we provide. Spinnaker Support remains the only third-party support vendor to deliver SAP Business Suite managed services and consulting services when organizations prefer to consolidate services with a single vendor. SAP users leverage Spinnaker Support’s portfolio of managed services and/or consulting to keep their Business Suite applications running at peak performance, interoperable, and secure. They optimize cost, reduce complexity, and eliminate vendor finger-pointing.

  • Application Managed Services, including configuration support, minor enhancement development, end-user support, and staff augmentation.
  • Technical Managed Services, including Level 2 Basis administration, performance monitoring and tuning, system assessment, and EWA reporting.
  • Consulting, including implementation and upgrade support, cloud migration support, project management, and staff augmentation.

SAP, mySAP, and R/3 are the trademarks or registered trademarks of SAP AG in Germany and in several other countries.

5 Moments That Define Your Spinnaker Support Experience:


When we resolve complex issues without the need to browse OSS notes


When we create and implement creative fixes to resolve SAP Kernel issues


When we ensure clients remain interoperable when switching to different operating systems


When we take midnight calls to fix out-of-scope issues


When we augment SAP security patches with our better security solutions

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